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Past and Current Officials of the RRC, RTTC and CTT

F T Bidlake North Road CC 1922-1923
J Burden Barnes Bath Road Club 1923-1924
G H Stancer Century Road Club 1924-1925
C K Mills North London CC 1925-1926
S E George Etna CC 1926-1928
P C Beardwood Anfield BC 1928-1929
H W Bartlett East Liverpool Wheelers 1929-1932
Z Spreckley Eastern Counties CA 1932-1933
E J Southcott Kent CA 1933-1936
G H Hampton North Middx. & Herts CA 1936-1940
A E Armstrong Northumberland & Durham CA 1944-1953
W H Townsend OBE Westerley RC 1953-1976
P Walthall Altrincham Ravens CC 1976-1983
G Morris Altrincham Ravens CC 1983-1993
P McGrath Newcastle Cheviot CC 1993-2008
Mrs S Hardy sport.fagley 2008-
Honorary Secretaries
S E George Etna CC 1922-1924
J E Patmore Etna CC 1924-1926
A Shillito Unity CC 1926-1934
A H Glass Upper Holloway CC 1934-1937
E E Stapley Finsbury Park CC 1937-1938
A A Josey Poole Wheelers C & AC 1938-1943
S R Forrest Velma RC 1932-1944
National Secretaries
S Amey 1944-1947
J Covill 1947-1948
F A Reynolds 1948-1951
J C Lavender 1951-1952
S Amey 1953-1960
J D Davis 1960-1965
E G Kings 1966-1976
D E.Roberts 1977-1992
P A Heaton 1992- 2009
National Secretary (Corporate & Administration)
P A Heaton 2009-2010
A Cosgrove 2011-2013
National Secretary (Legal & Corporate)
N Sharpe 2013-
National Secretary (Competitions & Development)
K Lawton 2009-
Assistant National Secretaries
P A Heaton 1989-1992
T Bracegirdle 1994-2001
Assistant Secretary (Competitions & Records)
K Lawton 2001-2009
Executive Officer
D E Roberts 1993-1994
National Treasurers
W Frankum North Road CC 1938-1943
M C Newton Teesside Road Club 1944-1948
F A Reynolds Westerley Road Club 1949-1954
G E Martindale Southgate CC 1955-1980
G L Thompson North Road CC 1981-1988
D Devonport Warrington Road Club 1989-1995
G Morris Altrincham Ravens 1995-1996
P Hull Kent Valley RC 1997-2003
M Sanders Mid-Devon CC 2003-
National Competition & Records Secretary
T M Barlow Manchester Wheelers' Club 1944-1977
F Minto Conisborough Ivanhoe CC 1978-1999
K Lawton Elmet CRC 2000-2001
National Information Officers
A V Lancaster North Road CC 1968-1970
J Stephens Southgate CC 1971-1980
National Coaching Secretary
R W E Poole Farnborough & Camberley CC 1968-1978
S G Turner Glendene CC 1979-2000

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